Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gun assault brings 2-4 year prison term for Holyoke man -

Gun assault brings 2-4 year prison term for Holyoke man -

how can this be stopped? are you certain that what you are doing is worth your time and resources? how can we let this go on? there is sickness among us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man asks friend to shoot him to avoid work - Telegraph

Man asks friend to shoot him to avoid work - Telegraph

I am not sure how to classify this one. Is it a co-worker shooting (III) or just plain stupidity. That must have been a very good friend to have helped in this way. I am glad he only got reckless endangerment. I wonder if he will file for workers comp.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Campus Assaut Simulation Traumatizes Witnesses

UNC Officials 'Disappointed' in ECSU's Handling of Emergency Drill ::

Probably in response to the recent school shootings, UNC at Elizabeth State had a simulation drill of a gunman coming on to the campus, entering a classroom and threatened to kill some of the students.

It is unclear the level and detail of communication that went out those involved but clearly the professor and students were did not know the assault was just a drill.

While the authenticity of the student reaction would enhance the training experience of the responding officers, the risk of psychological damage and other adverse responses such as a heart attack or, in a worst case scenario, a student or by-stander may have actually shot the pretend assailant

There are clearly other ways to prepare for such a drill to reduce or eliminate the chance of emotional trauma. A clear description of what will occur before the event to those involved and a 5 minute, direct, verbal warning before entering the room and a chance for the witnesses to the meet the pretend assailant would reduce the potential impact.

After all, it was the responders who were being tested, not the students. Such surprise drills may have a role for the military and emergency responders but you can not expect (or have no way of expecting) the response of 18-21 yro students.

Professional, thoughtful responses welcomed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Human Resource Executive Online - Story

Human Resource Executive Online - Story

Please read this article and respond:

1- where is the balance between workplace security and equal rights?

2- what crimes are unforgiveable, automatic disqualification for employment?

3- what should be done?

It is a ironic that the one thing that can help turn a life around is a meaningful, good paying job and they can't get one.

Look for upcoming attorney seminars on the subject.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Instant National Database Searches

A few days ago, a person posted a comment asking me about national, instant database that are developed by commercial operations. Please understand that I believe there is a purpose and use for such programs but I would not consider them to be very reliable. I have since found article that describes a study that the author did in assessing these databases.
BIS Research Exposes Holes in Instant Criminal Records Databases By Kevin Bachman

As I paraphrase from the article-
National Aggregated Databases are instant and inexpensive as they rely on various reporting agencies willingness to provide or sell data.  Such sources can include corrections facilities, some county courthouses and some state sponsored sites. 

Background Information Services, Inc. selected a database that had the most “shared” records. 

Of 651 known criminals randomly selected, only 200 could even be searched by this database; those records are just not available to be shared. For example, most records in Illinois, Ohio, New York, California, Missouri, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan are not available.
Of the 200 known criminals, more than 35% missed significant issues completely: Assault. Sex Abuse of a Child. Forgery. Kidnapping. Aggravated Drug Trafficking. Breaking and Entering.
Of the records that actually were found, 50% of the known criminal hits contained incomplete or inconsistent information when compared to courthouse searches.  
Lapse in time issue-  many of the records in a “National Database” updated on a weekly, monthly, or even bi-annual basis.